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Some Cool Men

Dick Proenneke

Today I would like to honor two men. One is a guy who lived in the woods for a really long time, building everything from scratch out of wood and filming it all old stylee. The other guy is the painter, everyone knows who he is. Both have possessing a soothing voice in common. They are also very creative.

So imagine, if you will, clothing with the rustic crustiness of Dick Proenneke and the sensitivity of Bob Ross. That would be nice, but it sounds expensive. I'll return to this idea when I have more skrill and a love of woven fabric.


Other Peoples Polyester Sneak Peek

Fashion Night at the Wing Luke Museum was Unforgettable!! This once-in-a-lifetime show featured local Seattle Asian American designers. My group flooded the stage with Pop Soda s/s 2013. I debuted six new looks for women, under the label Lady Konnyaku. I also threw in a sneak peek of two shirts from Other Peoples Polyester, my new line of classic 1960s and 1970s inspired, high quality, super stylish T- Shirts for men.

These styles and more will be available later this year for sale in Seattle at the Pretty Parlor- Capitol Hill and Sassafras- Belltown. And online as soon as I get my shop set up. Each T-shirt from this collection will retail $55-$85 and be available in men's Small-Large. I will expand size offerings eventually.

Photos are by Diana J. Lee. Check out  Diana's facebook page, she's a fantastic fashion photographer!


Fashion Night at the Wing

Join me as I present Lady Konnyaku's new Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Pop Soda. Did you know? Pop Soda includes a preview of two classic looks for men from Malia's new line, Other Peoples Polyester. I dunno guys, I'm kinda nervous! It's my first time designing for men!

See you at the Wing this Saturday, January 19th at 7pm! Click on the pic for complete details.


Lady Konnyaku/Malia Peoples 2 Years Review

I have had a blessed 2 years since my last update! The chain of events are such:

1. In the spring of 2011, I entered Seattle's only local fashion competition, Seamless in Seattle. I was a finalist and went in for an interview in front of a panel of 8 judges. I presented to the judges in an unconventional way; I wore a skin-colored leotard and changed outfits, tossing each one at the judges for inspection, all while giving my ten-minute speech about what I do.

2. In June of 2011, I won Seattle Magazine's Seamless in Seattle competition. That September, I was published in a full-page, full-color spread that featured some of my designs (and my funny mug!). I am so thankful that Seattle Magazine, and then fashion/style editor, Kate Calamusa, saw my vision and supported my unconventional designs.
-because of that-
I met Lei Ann, the owner of Momo, where I was invited to have a trunk show. It was a success!
-as a result, I was...-

3. Asked to join the planning committee for an untitled fashion exhibit at the Wing Luke Museum. This was summer, 2011.

4. In November 2011, I had the chance of meeting Marti Jonjak, fashion writer for The Stranger. She published an article about my work, which was sassy and Stranger-flavored. Thanks, Marti!

5. In August of 2012, Fashion from Workroom to Runway opened; it includes an installation that I created. At the opening event, the museum chose me to speak on behalf of the planning committee. I gave a 5 minute speech to a packed house of 200 people, and I was so nervous yet still managed to do ok! 
-due to this experience-

6. The museum contacted me again in October 2012, this time to get up on stage again to participate in their annual Major Donor's Appreciation brunch. Two other designers, and I, sat for an hour-long talk show-style fashion chat, hosted by Seattle's original funny lady and local superstar, Nancy Guppy. Nancy, you are an inspiration to me!!
-because of this chance meeting-

7. I was contacted by the producers of Art Zone with Nancy Guppy. I opened my studio to their film crew, and we spent an entire day having fun and filming. On December 14th, 2012, the artist profile of " Lady Konnyaku by Malia Peoples" hit the small screen. My profile was shown on the Seattle Channel, as well as KCTS 9!

8. Right now, I'm sewing up a storm! I'm taking part in Fashion Night at the Wing Luke Museum on January 19th, 2013. Please join me there as I debut several new looks (including a few for ladies) that will go into my permanent collection of items for sale online and in Seattle boutiques!

All of these things have given me the boost and the focus that I need to expand my line. Join me for the next year as I take all of this beauty and shizz that is good, and develop my new line, Other People's Polyester!


Pretty Spring Skirts are DONE!

I finished some skirts last week before leaving for NYC! Perhaps you have seen the polyester before in one of my earlier blogs? Oh yes!!!

-Lady Konnyaku Clothing tags-

A Cloudy Day Skirt in small, medium, and large! ^_^

Finished skirts! From front to back- Cherry Lemonade, Clubhouse, A Cloudy Day, and Easterly Heart Pocket Skirts! They can be found for sale in Seattle at the Pretty Parlor.


Pretty Spring Polyesters

I am making some new skirts for the Pretty Parlor, here in Seattle. Spring themed polyester! I am working with a lemon and white argyle, green multi, crazy cheerful plaid, and blue textured polka dots.

A little detail from an a-line miniskirt :-D